Category: Updates

November 17, 2020

Oh geez. I need to really stop with these infrequent posts and actually stay on top of them! First, the biggest announcement out of everything: I’m officially a Twitch Affiliate as of November 16, 2020! Thank you very much to everyone that helped make this possible over the years, and a bigger thank you to […]

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January 27, 2019

Welp, talk about missing out on updates for all of 2018. It’s already near the end of January for 2019 with a lot of fun changes already in effect. First major point: I started a new job/internship back in December, and it’s extremely odd having a reasonable schedule for once. Even had a few opportunities […]

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December 30, 2017

Hello, everyone! Hope everyone had a great holiday, and looking forward to a Happy New Year! As you can see, I got a blog now! Oh. I guess a website as well. Just gonna keep this short and sweet while I work on getting a few more things organized, but here’s a quick and dirty […]

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