What happened to 2018!?

January 27, 2019

Welp, talk about missing out on updates for all of 2018. It’s already near the end of January for 2019 with a lot of fun changes already in effect.

First major point: I started a new job/internship back in December, and it’s extremely odd having a reasonable schedule for once. Even had a few opportunities on going home at 1pm on a Friday. There’s also the important bit that probably took off a lot of stress: Bigger paycheck. Now my time will still be a little iffy to do random stuff because I’m also doing school as well, but I’m also looking forward to graduating either this fall or next spring!

My main goal and focus is on this internship hopefully becoming a fulltime offer as well as finishing school, but definitely want to get back into the swing of things on Twitch. I also had some upgrades done, including a GTX 1080 Ti, an Acer Predator X34 OC’d to 120Hz, and some G.Skill TridentZ RGB RAM at 32GB and 3200MHz that was more stable than the Ripjaws V kit I had. Going to tweak the setup and update the pictures sometime this year hopefully, and hopefully give 21:9 streaming a shot.

Until then, hope everyone is enjoying their New Year so far and I will hopefully get something going again on Twitch, Twitter, and/or this blog.


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